The University of Osaka Co-op

Before entering the country

Guidance of Osaka University Coop

The Coop is invested by Coop members, and the members can enjoy the Coop’s privileges which include a few percent discount.
Osaka University Coop is a cooperative association related to Osaka University. Anyone who is a part of Osaka University has a right to join the Coop.
Visitors who belong to other universities are not eligible for the membership to join.
Please note that non-member can't enjoy the privilege.

My Room Housing Service

Osaka University Coop is the real estate agent allowed to operate on campus and helps you with finding apartments near the campus. We offer various kinds of apartments suitable for your desire.
We support you in English in every scene of procedure.
For example:
(1)For those who want to save money → Shared houses with furniture
(2)For those who will concentrate on study → Studio type apartments
(3)For those who plan to stay with your family → Family type apartments
Of course, we support you in English in every scene of procedure.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.







After entering the country

Student Comprehensive Mutual Insurance

To ensure a quality and safe university life, COOP provides 3 kind of insurance for you.
1.Student Mutual Benefit (Kyosai)
2.Personal Liability Insurance for Students (Gakubai)
3.University Co-operative Insurance for Students from Abroad(Daigakuseikyou Ryuugakusei hoken)

Tuo Card(Visa credit Card)

Tuo card is a tie-up credit Card of University Coop and Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co.Ltd. VISA. As the "cashless society" advances, it is important to become a wise cosumer who knows how to carry out one's plan and be aware of oneself through the use of credits cards. it will also help your life in Japan.

Travel and Service

We are able to plan and reserve about travel and service.
(ex: To reserve flight tickets both of domestic and international, JR tickets that is Japanese national railways, rent a car for moving houses, short trip for famous places in Japan and so on. Please feel free to come to our travel center!!

Within the school


In the COOP cafeteria, the usage of the cafeteria differs depending on the store.
There are four types of formats: "Viking method", "Cafeteria method", "Table service" and "Takeout method", and each has different attractive features.There are six restaurants in Toyonaka Campus and one in Suita Campus, and one restaurant in Minoh Campus.

SHOP(Convenience Store, Book Store)

Selling bread and drinks, stationery. You can order PC of English OS. We sell Osaka University original goods. It is popular for souvenirs.

Laboratory Support Group

We sell textbooks in spring and fall. We have many books such as Japanese teaching materials, specialized books. We recommend the Honya Club, where you can easily order books from the web. We hold an advantageous event every month. You can easily estimate the public expense and place an order from the web estimate. We sell prepaid SIM cards that can be used in Japan.